Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Status on WIP

So my simple skirt has been a challenge for me. I made my muslin using a size 18 waist and graded to a size 20 in the hips due to my measurements. WELL......the skirt sat a little lower than it was supposed to. It's supposed to sit about an 1" below the natural waist. This was lower that than. I also had a bit more room in the hips that I liked. So... back to the cutting board. I think I may need the size 16 waist and grade to a size 18 in the hips.

I did say that I wanted to sew better pieces, right???? Wish me luck.......

Happy sewing

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


With spring right around the corner, I have some really cute pieces that I would like to add to add my closet. But instead of turning out something, that will "just do", I want pieces that have better fit. I really don't have a lot of staples in my closet, so that's where I want to start. I have a pencil skirt pattern that I've made twice, but I wasn't quite satisfied w/ the fit. So, back to the drawing board with that and to the bookstore.
Right now, I am working on Simplicity 4036.

I have some fabric in mind for this skirt. So, before I jump in, I decided to make a muslin. I know this is a simple pattern and for some, it may not warrant a trial run, but for me, I have to. I have some curves that I have been playing around w/, so I hope to get the pattern grading just right. From what I have been able to determine from my measurements, this skirt will be graded from one size at the waist to another size at the hips. I found this tutorial, so I think that I am on the right track.
On the first run, the fit in the waist was just right. Now, I need to get the grading on the hips. Back to the drawing board. I hope to have this worked out by the weekend, so I should have my skirt soon. One of my goals for 2009 was to learn to insert an invisible zipper. So, I figure that I may as well get this down, too , while getting the fit of the skirt. Wish me luck!!!

Happy sewing