Monday, March 5, 2007


I had some down time this weekend so I decided to finish up some projects. The first was a black wool Harve Bernard jumper that I found at the thrift store for $2.00. I added white fabric circles stitched w/ a black blanket stitch. I then sewed a button in the middle to add some interest.

My other project is not a new refashion idea but still a good one none the less. This corduroy skirt was made from a pair of corduroy pants that had seen better days. I had some some yarn left from another project that didn't work so I used it to do a stitch around the hem and the pockets. I have to admit that since doing this refashion pledge, I have become inspired from what I see in the stores to duplicate at home from thrift stores and my stash. Yeah for refashioning!!!!

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