Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I made this bag for one of my co-workers. She had a pair of pants that were a little small for her, but she didn't want to part with them. I suggested that she make a bag out of them. She was game for the idea. I had her to bring them and during lunch I was going to show her how to do it. But, that didn't work so I ended up bringing them home w/ me to make for her. The end result-one very happy teenager. I cut the pants below the crotch and added a band of fabric that was from an old sheet( man, that sheet has been showing up everywhere). I quilted it before I added. The handles were made frm the legs of the pants w/ yep, more of the same sheet in between in each piece. Added a d- ring and voila-plaid messenger bag. She was really pleased and surprised at how it came out. Next WIP is a bolero jacket from a pair of jeans. Pics coming soon.....

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