Sunday, July 20, 2008

Testing the Water...

So I have been away for a little bit, just busy with life.

I've blown the dust off of my sewing machine and decided to give apparel sewing a try. Ever since my mother taught me how to sew, I was drawn to making accessories. One day, I was making a purse (again) and my husband asked me the dreaded question, "Are you making another purse? Do you need another one?" The horror of this man asking me if I needed another purse!

After that moment and much purusing online, I decided that I should give making my own clothes a try. While I consider myself to be at an intermediate level when it comes to accessories, I think that I am some where between a beginner and beginner advanced when it comes to apparel.

Like most us out here, I too, have been inspired by EricaB and Myraida. I made a few pattern purchases as well as fabric. Fall will be here soon, so I am trying to think ahead. I bought three Built By Wendy patterns, Simplicity 3966, Simplicity 4109 and Simplicity 3835.

Now, since this whole epiphany, I have made two pairs of shorts and a skirt, from B3460 and a top from Built By Wendy. While I know that the shorts and skirt may not be the most fashion forward in design, they were made out of some really cute fabrics and they serve my purpose. My next project will be to make this top from Simplicity. The yoke will be made from a black & white print and tunic will be black. I hope to have pics soon. Wish me luck!!!

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