Sunday, March 6, 2011


So one of my BFFs has been stalking  reading  my blog.  She really needs one of her own because her eye for putting items together is incredible.So, anyway back to the post......This week she has imposed a challenge to me-Gifted and Thrifted.  I can only wear items that were either thrifted and/or gifted, shoes included.  Now, of course I am up for the challenge!  But.....after discussing this challenge with her, I was able to come up with "rules". 

I can only wear items that were either gifted and/or thrifted, including shoes.  Accessories are not included in the challenge.  If I have to add something to make the thrifted/gifted outfit to work, then the piece that is to be added has to come from my Basics list, like a white tee shirt for example.

Well, let's see how I do!

Stay fabulous!!

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