Monday, March 3, 2008

So I Made A Shirt....

So I have been trying to do better about my sewing and have found inspiration all over the web from to With that said, I purchased this pattern some time ago with the hopes of my sister making it for me while she was visiting here on her vacay, but she didn't.

So I made it myself!! Mind you this is the first time I have made any clothing in quite some time. I have done it, but was often discouraged by the way that they would turn out. In other words, they would look home-sewn, so I wouldn't wear them. I took my time and I must say, I would definitely wear this one out. Should I make this one again, I would defintely add about 2" to the length as it was a little short for my taste. I also didn't add the ribbions from the view because it seemed a a bit on the junior side and I am certainly no junior!!!

So here it is...
Watcha think???

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