Monday, March 3, 2008

Trying to do better...

I had enough with my hair. I stopped going to the salon many moons ago ,because my purse was really taking a hit. When I stopped doing that, it just seemed like I gave up on trying to look cute and that started to show in my hair and in my clothes.

One night while surfing I ran across from erica b.'s site. Her site is quite a jewel! On it, she talks about her everyday life, just like we all do. Over on the sidebar, she has a topic called 2007 Hair Care Regimen, http:// I clicked on it and began to read. Am I so glad that I did!!!

Through her hair trip, she takes you on her jounery for longer, thicker fuller hair. So, now I am trying to do better. I, too, have started my own hair journey and from what I have been able to find online, this is not a new topic, just new to ME!

Will keep my progress posted. Thank you CreoleinDC for showing and inspiring me to do better.

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