Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Year in Review

Like others out here, I have been inspired to sew more. This year, I have made a few pieces and have actually worn them! LOL. Most haven't been posted, because, again, I am not the most fashion forward person (that's changing) , so those pieces were more functional than fashionable.

For 2009, I have a few goals for myself:

  1. Inserting an invisible zipper properly

  2. Sew a mini-wardrobe, so that I can have that go to 'fit. I think that I will get started on this pretty soon for Spring.

  3. Increase my fabric stash. I did a major purge right before Christmas, so I want to increase it a little so that I will be in a position to rely on my stash.

  4. Work more w/ knits. I am scared to death of this fabric and I don't know why!

  5. Add more color to my closet. Right now, it's pretty basic and I want to change that.

That's all for now. I think this is a pretty extensive list for me. Wish me luck!!

Happy Sewimg


Becky said...

Knits can be kind of scary. It's just so easy to stretch them out and get that weird ripple effect. But it sounds like you have some good goals for this year, good luck keeping them!

Faye Lewis said...

For me setting goals can be a bit intimidating at times; but I do find that if I don't set them I accomplish very little. So, I will be setting them again this year. I hope you accomplish each and every one of yours!