Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Basics

Some time ago I came across and her book.  What a find!!  She has one section in her book where she talks about the basics that we all should have in our closet.  That's when it  hit me!   Why not do a week of "Just Basics"?

For the upcoming week, all pieces will be basics- including shoes.  I will play around with the accessories with the exception of the handbag. I will be using the basics there as well.  Here's my list of basics:

White t shirt
Black t shirt
White button down
Black dress
Black skirt
Khaki skirt
Black pants
Khaki pants
Dark denim jeans/trousers
Black cardigan
Black jacket
Trench coat
Brown flats
Black flats
Black pumps

I know it's kinda bland, but with the right accesories and a pop of color, this just may work.

Today was an off day from work so I was able to wear my jeans today.

Trench coat-Old Navy
white tee shirt- Dots
dark denim jeans-Old Navy
black flats-gifted
black bag-gifted
As the day got a little warmer and breezier, I traded the trench coat for my black cardigan. This I wore draped around my shoulders.  One day down........I hope I don't get bored and flake out.  Wish me luck!!

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