Saturday, February 10, 2007

2 Purses 2 Many

I refashioned this purse from a suede skirt that I found at a thrift store. It was supposed to be part of a costume for Halloween ( was going to be Pocohantas) but we ended up changing our minds. I thought that I would wear it out on, but when I tried it on, I felt that it was a little short to wear out. The sides were mid-thigh but the front and back came to a point in the front. Sorry that I didn't take a picture before, but here is the after. I cut the front and back to be even with the sides. I then used this to be the fringe. I punched holes into the leather and threaded the leather "string" through the holes and double knotted it. The handles were attached with strips of the same leather and then attached to the bag w/ a leather glue.

My necktie bag came about from my stash. I butted the edges of the ties together w/ a zigzag stitch. I made the back from some denim that was also in my stash. The handle is made from one of the ties and stitched to bag on the sides. Big brown buttons were placed on the ends as decoration only.

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